Some Stuff You Might Like

Everyone has their own interests and passions so here are some links to some of mine. I’d like to say I’ll update this on a regular basis….but I can be terribly lazy sometimes….

Den of Geek – One of my favourite websites and some lovely people. Please, check out their “Geeks vs Loneliness” series.

Distraction Pieces Podcast – I first got introduced to Scroobius Pip at Bestival when I was told to watch him and Dan Le Sac perform. It blew me away and Pip has since gone on to create great podcast network.

Scriptwriting North – These guys offer great support for writers as well as some great courses. I’m signed up for one in September 2018.

Stop, Breathe and Think App – My anxiety often runs away with me and I have always found this app great for helping me to check-in with myself and get my overly active brain to calm down. Sorry, the link is for the iPhone version but I hope you can find it on Android too!! I can’t recommend it enough.